White Papers

Explore our white papers for an in depth look at our patented technology.

SmokeNet and Zero Trust Architecture

Back doors and other well known exploits are fueling the need for Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). SmokeNet is a foundational technology for ZTA networking. It quite literally removes trust in the public Internet and antiquated cybersecurity solutions that quite clearly do not work. Learn about Moving to ZTA Networking With SmokeNet.

STOP for Zero Trust Architecture

Our patented STOP technology makes securing your Zero Trust network easy. It also lets you quickly and efficiently create sub networks for ZTA network designs. Learn how SmokeNet, an implementation of STOP, helps you Use the One Time Pad for Zero Trust Networking.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Current cybersecurity is largely prescriptive, practically forcing reactive methods and after the fact forensics. Wouldn’t it be better to stop breaches from happening in the first place? Read our paper on Moving to Proactive Cybersecurity.

STOP Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into STOP, how it can be applied, and some potential uses in our Technical White Paper: Streaming Transmission One-Time-Pad Protocol.