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Introspective’s patented technologies are a big subject. Don’t fret though; we have you covered with a series of papers, short videos, and other information. The papers cover our technology at various levels, while the videos present information about the company, along with some simple, no-nonsense tutorials. Check back from time to time to find more. Knowledge is the first step to greater security.


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Test Results

STOP Network Performance Testing

In 2018, Introspective Networks conducted network performance testing on an early implementation of the STOP library. Read more about this testing.

White Papers and Other Documents

The following papers provide an in depth look at some of our patented technology.

Moving to Network Zero Trust Architecture With SmokeNet

Using the One Time Pad for Zero Trust Networking

Moving to Proactive Cybersecurity

Technical White Paper: Streaming Transmission One-Time-Pad Protocol

About Our STOP Technology

STOP, the critical security component of many of our products, has multiple granted patents. It is a framework built on patented technology. It uses Moving Target Defense, along with Streaming Pad Encryption, to protect network data with the strongest known encryption – the Vernam Cipher. Owing to the use of the Vernam Cipher, STOP has the lowest possible processing latency per message that we know of.

Moving Target Defense (MTD)

If you have heard of frequency hopping, invented during World War II to keep enemies from tracking or jamming radio controlled torpedoes, you have heard of Moving Target Defense. MTD is a proven military technique that we use to make it extremely difficult to attack, or even detect, a SmokeNet network, as it removes all known network attack vectors. We move assets of interest periodically to foil potential attackers. This is done by randomly changing an attribute of the network, such as a port, an address, or even an Internet Service Provider. To learn more, check our our videos.

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