Introspective Networks is headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our founding team is composed of veterans in the worlds of computer science, telecommunications, and business. The team has over 100 years of combined experience and know-how.

Anthony Scott Thompson

Founder, President, T-CEO, and Board Chairman

Anthony started life immersed in technology regularly visiting Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ. with his father, Bell Labs Fellow Dr. Larry F. Thompson. While playing with electron microscopes, fiber optics and other interesting things at Bell Labs, he also, while still a teen, experienced beta testing the first lines of Apple computers and accessing ARPANet in the early 80’s. These early experiences piqued Anthony’s curiosity around networking and computer science making him a true “outlier”. He has combined those experiences with education (MS/CS from CU) and experience (25+ in software development, 20+ years in telecommunications and 15+ years in leadership) to cultivate multiple critical, seminal patents to form the basis of the company he founded – Introspective Networks.

Prior to founding Introspective Networks, Anthony developed systems maintaining and controlling global networks for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. He led teams developing next generation solutions and has experience managing multi-million dollar budgets.

Among other technology, Anthony invented STOP, the core technology behind SmokeNet, Introspective Networks’ flagship product. He has a number of patents on this and other Introspective Networks inventions.

Steven Cummings

Vice President of Operations & Co-Founder

Steven has spent a majority of his career building and managing networks and has earned degrees in Electronics and Information Technology. He served a successful term in the U.S. Air Force, where he held a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, working on critical Air Force networks supporting missions globally.

After the USAF, Steven moved on to manage groups deploying large, wide area networks for some of the country’s largest providers, later focusing on creating software minimizing the potential for human error on critical systems, where outages or errors can have devastating impacts on emergency services, financial markets, and corporate networks, as well as military and government communications. He has hands-on experience developing network automation capabilities.

More than two decades of experience with both military and civilian networks and equipment, along with exposure to computers and programming at a young age have contributed to Steven’s success. He has worked with Anthony developing software since 2008 and has worked since 2013 to help bring STOP technology to fruition. He has multiple patents on Introspective Networks inventions.

USAF Brigadier General Ian Dickinson (ret)

Board Member

General Dickinson has a unique perspective on the criticality of the technology from Introspective Networks. His USAF bio states:

“He (was) responsible for organizing, training, and equipping the Air Force’s space and cyber forces with communications and information capability, enabling 14th and 24th Air Forces to support U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command. General Dickinson also act(ed) on behalf of the Commander, Air Force Space Command, as the Air Force’s Designated Approval Authority for systems connecting to the Air Force network and for the AFSPC’s $11.4 billion space and cyberspace mission system portfolio.”

With an earned post-graduate degree in Computer Science, General Dickinson understands the validity of STOP/SmokeNet Technology. Ian is also well schooled in government policy providing the background to help Introspective Networks navigate getting this approved for use by the US Government. General Dickinson currently is the COO of BryceTech, an analytics and engineering firm, based in Alexandria, VA.

General Dickinson works approximately 60 hours per quarter in his role of Board Director for Introspective Power, Inc. dba Introspective Networks and continues to serve as COO for BryceTech full-time.

Full USAF Bio:

Tricia Heller, JD

Board Member

Tricia Heller joined the board of Introspective Power, Inc. to help navigate Intellectual Property matters, Regulatory Compliance issues, and relationships at the Federal US government level, including the DoD. She has been a senior advisor to a US Senator and has

Ms. Heller works approximately 60 hours per quarter in her role as Board Director for Introspective Power, Inc. and continues to serve as IP & Regulatory Compliance Director for Magpul Industries Corp. full-time.