IN Product Lines


SmokeNet not only protects your data with the strongest encryption available, it actually hides it. Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Encryption using a Vernam Cipher create a new level of defense for your network and data in motion. By doing this, SmokeNet creates a virtual smokescreen in your network removing all network borne attack vectors. SmokeNet is available for networks of any size.

SmokeNet Home and Small Business

  • SNAP1 – SmokeNet protection nearly everywhere you have WiFi access
  • SNAP5 – SmokeNet WiFi Access Point for the home or remote worker
  • SNAP20 – SmokeNet WiFi Access Point for a small office with a few employees

SmokeNet Enterprise and Telco

  • SNSR Series SmokeNet Switch Routers – Telco equipment supporting from 100 to 10,000 connections
  • SNGW Series SmokeNet Gateways – customer prem equipment supporting small to large offices
  • SNSK Series Entropy Distribution Systems – providing true random for SmokeNet’s encryption

Partitioned Access Workstation (PAWS)

Our upcoming PAWS product line incorporates patented technology that is delivered as a single computer, either a laptop or desktop, that provides separate operating systems with separate access to both secure and non-secure local and network assets. Along with other technologies, it uses SmokeNet to ensure that both network connections remain completely separate. At the same time, PAWS keeps secure and non-secure data in their own storage areas on the computer, with controls to ensure that secure data cannot be stored in the non-secure partition. All of these security features are seamless, creating a user experience that feels like interacting with a single system.