Introspective Networks Timeline

January 2013

First Patent Filed

Provisional Patent: Processing Units for Multi-Agent Systems

July 2013

Company Incorporated

Introspective Power, Inc. is created as a Delaware C-Corp

August 2013

IP Representation

Nixon/Vanderhye retained to prosecute company’s patent portfolio

August 2013

Second Patent Filed

Provisional Patent: Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP)

June 2014

First DoD Contract

Awarded first of several contracts with DISA for telecom services

November 2014

First Patent Granted

The Company’s first patent for PUMAS is awarded

March 2015

Second Patent Granted

USPTO awards patent for STOP

August 2015

PUMAS Validation

Introspective works with the Colorado State University (CSU) Powerhouse Energy Campus on PUMAS validation with positive results

August 2015

USAF 688th Cyberspace Wing

Introspective leadership met with USAF 688th Cyberspace Wing Technical Director, who encouraged pursuing STOP, projected it would be needed in 5 years

September 2015

Tech Demonstration at Tinker Air Force Base

Introspective demonstrates STOP and Network Intelligence Service (NIS) at Tinker Air Force Base for the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group (CEIG) and the USAF 688th Cyberspace Wing Technical Director; feedback further validates the company’s efforts

June 2016

Third Patent Granted

USPTO awards Introspective’s third patent, the second for PUMAS

June 2016

Company Pivots

Realizing that the security of PUMAS depends on STOP technology, Introspective pivots from Distributed Computing to Cybersecurity focus

February 2017

Fourth Patent Granted

USPTO awards a new patent, the third for PUMAS

February 2017

Fifth & Sixth Patents Granted

USPTO grants two additional patents – the second and third for STOP

June 2017

First Commercial SmokeNet Sale

Pinpoint Communications, an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) operating in Nebraska, purchases SmokeNet equipment and services to protect crypto mining operations, immediately arresting attacks and thefts

November 2017

Seventh Patent Granted

USPTO grants another patent, the fourth for STOP

July 2018

Eighth Patent Granted

USPTO grants the company’s 8th patent, the fourth for PUMAS

August 2018

Ninth Patent Granted

USPTO awards a fifth patent for STOP, the company’s 9th patent overall

August 2018

Campaign Customer

Introspective Signed the Jared Polis for Governor campaign as a customer to protect certain communications

November 2018

CyberWorx Testing

AF CyberWorx at the US Air Force Academy tests SmokeNet, resulting in an invitation to be the subject of an upcoming CyberNext event

February 2019

CyberNext Event

AF CyberWorx hosts CyberNext event to demonstrate capabilities and find potential Air Force applications for SmokeNet (View the final report here)

April 2019

SNAP Development Begins

Introspective starts development of the SmokeNet Access Point series of devices for home cybersecurity

May 2019

Read Team Assessment

AF CyberWorx arranges a third party Red Team Assessment; the resulting report shows ZERO network vulnerabilities

July 2019

Tenth Patent Granted

USPTO grants Introspective’s 10th patent – the sixth for STOP

September 2019

AFRL DAR Project

Introspective contracted for Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) Data At Rest (DAR) Prototype Project, utilizing the company’s STOP and Partitioned Access WorkStation technologies

October 2019

First SNAP Sale

Six months after starting development of the SmokeNet SNAP product line, Introspective sells its first SNAP5 – a SmokeNet protected Wireless Access Point for home cybersecurity

November 2019


Introspective is awarded an AFWERX SBIR Phase I contract to perform feasibility study and identify potential USAF & DoD SmokeNet customers

February 2020

HPE OEM Agreement

Introspective signs agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – HPE to manufacture SmokeNet devices for Telco, Enterprise, and other Commercial applications

February 2020

UNICOM Branding Deal

UNICOM Engineering signs agreement with Introspective to provide branding and post-manufacturing services for commercial SmokeNet devices

April 2020

AFWERX SBIR Phase II Selection

Introspective is selected for AFWERX SBIR Phase II

October 2020

Eleventh Patent Granted

USPTO awards Introspective an eleventh patent, the fifth for PUMAS

November 2020

Twelfth Patent Granted

USPTO grants Introspective’s twelfth patent, the first for Partitioned Access WorkStation (PAWS)

May 2021

Executive Order on Cyber Defense

The President of the United States signs executive order, directing the US to move from cyber offense to cyber defense; SmokeNet is a strong cyber defense capability for networks

June 2021

AFWERX SBIR Phase II Recommended

Introspective’s AFWERX SBIR Direct to Phase II proposal is recommended for acceptance

July 2021


Introspective participates in the DoD’s Global Information Domination Experiment (GIDE) #3, SmokeNet utilized for network security across satellite, LTE, and terrestrial Internet connections with positive results

October 2021

Thirteenth Patent Granted

USPTO grants 13th patent to Introspective, the seventh for STOP

September 2021

SmokeNet Installed on Coast Guard Cutter Healy

SmokeNet equipment installed on Coast Guard Cutter Healy for testing over several weeks on multiple communications systems, including the Iridium satellite network

October 2021

MITRE Code Review

MITRE completes an extensive code review on STOP, checking for vulnerabilities in the code, with positive results

December 2021

Fourteenth Patent Granted

USPTO awards Introspective’s 14th patent, the first for STOP Storage (STOPS)

January 2022

Presidential Memorandum on Cybersecurity

The President of the United States issues memorandum requesting the NSA look at new cybersecurity measures, continuing the move from cyber offense to cyber defense

February 2022

ALCOM Phase III Contract

Introspective receives SBIR Phase III contract award for SmokeNet network between Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska and Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs, CO

March 2022

Major Telco Purchase

One of the top telecommunications companies in the world purchases SmokeNet equipment for a test project with US Government and military entities

September 2022

Fifteenth Patent Granted

USPTO grants the company’s fifteenth patent, the first for its entropy expansion technology

December 2022

SmokeNet Hardware Export Approval

US Department of Commerce (DoC) approves export of SmokeNet hardware after NSA technical review

January 2023

SmokeNet Software Export Approval

US Department of Commerce (DoC) approves export of SmokeNet software (such as SmokeNet SaaS solutions) after NSA technical review

June 2023

Sixteenth Patent Granted

USPTO awards Introspective its 16th patent, the second for STOPS