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  • Bad Actor

    Bad Actor A person or organization engaging in inflicting harm, causing trouble, or other bad behavior, often criminally.

  • Switch/Router

    Switch/Router A Switch/Router is a network infrastructure device that has properties of both a switch and a router. The SmokeNet SNSR line of Telco/Enterprise devices are Switch/Routers.

  • Switch

    Switch A switch is a network infrastructure device that operates at layer 2, the data link layer. It uses MAC addresses to deliver traffic to the correct port on the switch. Switches normally operate on LANs or networks that behave like LANs.

  • Router

    Router A router is a network infrastructure device that operates at layer 3, the network layer. It routes traffic using IP addresses and other information. Routers may operate on LANs, WANs, or other networks. Traffic is transmitted across the public Internet using routers.

  • VPN

    VPN A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way to create secure connections between multiple systems. VPNs originated in the mid-1990s and tend to use standardized encryption.

  • Decryption

    Decryption Decryption is the decoding of encrypted information, called ciphertext, into plain text.

  • Entropy

    Entropy Entropy is randomness generated by a source such as a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) that can be used for the purpose of encrypting data or triggering random events.

  • Attack Vectors

    Attack Vectors Attack vectors are methods by which a cyber threat can launch attacks against a network.

  • Encryption

    Encryption Encryption is the encoding of information, called plain text, for the purpose of hiding that information and/or keeping it secret. The encoded, or encrypted, information is called ciphertext.

  • Telco

    Telco A Telco is a Telecommunications Company.