The Current State of Cybersecurity

Reactive Measures

Current cybersecurity technologies react to threats and their effects after breaches happen. Even systems that are searching for issues using things like AI only see the breach after it happens. Back doors and similar exploits may not even register as threats. This clearly does not work.

Learn how SmokeNet can help proactively protect your network by removing attack vectors.

The Future of Cybersecurity

Cyber Defense

Proactive cybersecurity requires new, real technology. Removing existing network vulnerabilities present in most networks requires a new way of looking at the network and what is the root cause of cyber breaches.

Proactive cybersecurity is foundational to working Zero Trust Architecture.

Zero Trust

Start With Not Trusting The Internet

To create a Zero Trust Architecture, you first need secure networking. SmokeNet isolates your data transmission from the underlying network protocols protecting your data and systems from the most prevalent cybersecurity threats.

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Our Product Lines

Zero Trust Solutions

Delivering robust solutions with proactive cybersecurity technology

  • SmokeNet – Zero Trust Private Networking for any network
    • SNAP Series Access Points for Home/Home Office/Small Office/Remote Work
    • SNGW Series Gateways for Medium to Large Office & Enterprise Space
    • SNSR Series Switch/Routers for Telcos
  • PAWS – Keep sensitive and non-sensitive data separate on a single computer

Quantum Proof

Strongest Possible Encryption

Introspective Networks has solved and patented one of the Holy Grails of computer science – the Key Exchange problem. The encryption cipher used in all SmokeNet products, the Vernam Cipher, is not just resistant, it can not be deciphered by any means. The reason is simple – the encryption itself is an unsolvable problem.

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Remove Network Vulnerability

Eliminate Attack Vectors

The increased need for remote workers plus the ever growing use of cloud services has dramatically increased the utilization of the public Internet. This vastly increases the attack vectors that organizations need to protect against. As the corporate infrastructure has extended to the internet, traditional perimeter security is now inadequate and obsolete. SmokeNet’s patented Moving Target Defense strategy solves this problem by creating a secure tunnel that constantly changes ports. This has been validated to remove all Internet attack vectors. In short, SmokeNet has no network vulnerabilities. SmokeNet shrinks your attack surface by hiding your data in a virtual smokescreen on the Internet. Attackers can’t steal your data because they can’t find it.

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